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University of Sussex Graduate Scholarships 2023/2024, UK

Located in the center of Brighton, East Sussex, the University of Sussex commands recognition as a prominent public research institution in the United Kingdom. Renowned for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education and research, the university’s reputation has transcended borders and continues to soar.

At the core of Sussex’s identity lies an interdisciplinary ethos, a beacon that encourages the convergence of minds across diverse academic fields. This ethos fosters an environment where students and researchers from a myriad of backgrounds unite to tackle intricate global challenges. This collaborative approach permeates the university’s research centers and institutes, which delve into cutting-edge realms including climate change, digital innovation, globalization, and social justice.

Sussex’s impact is felt through significant and influential research projects. A robust research culture flourishes within its walls, housing a multitude of centers and institutes that attract leading academics and scholars from every corner of the world. The university actively fosters research collaborations with industry, government agencies, and international partners, forming a united front to address real-world problems and catalyze positive change.

With a consistent placement among the top universities both in the UK and globally, Sussex extends a broad spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, spanning humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, business, and engineering.

Scholarship Description:

  • Host University: University of Sussex;
  • Host Country: United Kingdom;
  • Study Level: Masters Level;
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding;
  • Scholarship Worth: 3,000$;
  • Eligible Countries: International Students;
  • Subjects Available: All Subjects;
  • Application Deadline: September 30th, 2023.

The Graduate Scholarships are now available for International Masters Students in all fields to have the opportunity to pursue their studies at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

Scholarship Benefits:

Graduates of Sussex holding a First or Upper Second-Class Bachelor’s degree and enrolling in a qualifying Master’s program at the University of Sussex in September 2023 will revel in a £3,000 deduction from their tuition fees, a testament to their academic achievements and a token of the university’s investment in their journey.

Eligibility Requirements:

Charting a path towards eligibility involves:

  • A forthcoming graduation from the University of Sussex in 2023, accompanied by a Bachelor’s degree classified as First Class or Upper Second Class.
  • Acceptance of an offer for an eligible Master’s program, whether full-time or part-time, commencing in September 2023.
  • Abstaining from pursuing a Master’s degree at any university other than the University of Sussex.
  • Steering clear of the final year of an integrated Master’s program at Sussex.
  • Avoiding previous studies at partner institutions of the University of Sussex, including BIMM.
  • Shying away from studying at a UK university’s international campus or engaging in external programs.
  • Excluding the possession of any concurrent scholarships from the University of Sussex.

Application Process:

To lay claim to the Scholarship (2023), eligible candidates should express their scholarship interest while accepting an offer through the postgraduate application system. No additional application forms are required; candidates’ eligibility will be evaluated based on their admission applications.

Supporting Documents:

Applicants should gather and present the following documents:

  • A personal statement that encapsulates their aspirations, motivations, and alignment with the objectives of the Sussex MBA program.
  • References to validate their academic and professional journey.
  • Degree certificates to substantiate their academic achievements.
  • Transcripts that bear testimony to their educational voyage.
  • Evidence of English language proficiency. Furthermore, applicants should provide at least one academic reference from their most recent educational institution, or furnish the contact details of their referee.

Admission Requirements:

Eligibility for Sussex MBA Scholarships requires applicants to fulfill the following admission prerequisites:

  • For most courses, a minimum of an upper second-class (2:1) or lower second-class (2:2) undergraduate honors degree, or its equivalent, stands as a foundation.
  • For American students seeking Federal Student Aid, a high school diploma or an accepted equivalent opens the doors to application.
  • All aspirants must meet the specific entry requisites of their chosen master’s program to be deemed eligible for study at the University of Sussex.

Language Requirements

Although it’s not specifically stated as a condition for Sussex MBA Scholarships, applicants should be prepared to immerse themselves in English-medium academic discussions and coursework. English serves as the primary language of instruction at the University of Sussex. A firm grasp of English, both spoken and written, enhances applicants’ potential to excel in their academic pursuits.

Proficiency in English can be validated through scores from recognized English language proficiency tests, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Alternative English qualifications that attest to language proficiency are also accepted. Applicants can claim an exemption from English language requirements or embark on the Sussex Center for Language Studies Pre-Sessional English course as needed.

Official Website:

For more information, please visit the university’s official website: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/fees-funding/masters-scholarships